About 41 Club


41 Club was formed in 1945 to provide a way for members of Round Table to continue their friendships after retirement from Round Table at the then obligatory age of 40.

The full name is "The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs" and it forms part of "The Round Table Family".

Round Table was founded in March 1927 by Louis Marchesi. Marchesi was a young Rotarian in Norwich who became aware of the lack of opportunities for the young businessmen of the day to meet and prepare themselves for their responsibilities as senior businessmen in later years. He found himself surrounded by older men, so he started a club for younger men with a maximum age of 40 to give them the right environment to develop their professional and civic skills while assisting the local community, the nation and later the world as a whole.

Round Table was formed after being inspired by a speech by the then Prince of Wales who said “The young business and professional men of this country must get together round the table, adopt methods that have proved so sound in the past, adapt them to the changing needs of the times and, wherever possible, improve them." Since that time Round Table has used the motto "Adopt - Adapt - Improve".

Originally once a Round Tabler reached 40 years of age he would retire from Round Table and would then become eligible to join 41 Club. In 1998 Round Table changed their retirement age to 45.

41 Club specialises in continuing the friendships made in Round Table. The philosophy of the club is very similar to that of Round Table, but it is often less ‘active’ and in many cases clubs meet less often. The Club's main purpose is to support Round Table and, if possible, participate in local community service initiatives or charity work. However the ‘continued friendship’ and ‘fellowship’ aspect is of great importance. Most clubs meet monthly, often in a public house, golf club or restaurant. Meetings are usually semi-formal with either an activity or a speaker to entertain. Lifelong friendships are often made in 41 Club.

There are four members of the Round Table Family of Clubs:

  • Round Table for men between 18 and 45

  • 41 Club for past Round Tablers over 40

  • Ladies Circle for women up to 45

  • Tangent for women 

To join 41 Club it is a requirement to have been a member of Round Table.

41 Club is managed by an elected National Board - consisting of a National President and nine officers with specific responsibilities. In addition there is a National Councillor elected by each of the 24 geographical regions in the country who represent the clubs. The National Councillors and the National Board form the ‘National Council’ of 41 Club.

There are around 800 41 Clubs in the UK and Eire with a total membership of over 17,000.

41 Club is also an international organisation with 21 countries affiliated to ’41 International’. Each country sends representatives to the International AGM and a Half Yearly Meeting - both of which are hosted around the world.

Further details of the history of 41Club can be obtained from the National Honorary Archivist - Hugh Millward. archivist@41club.org



Chilton Country Pub, Black Boy Rd, Chilton Moor

Houghton-Le-Sring DH4 6LX


We meet the 2nd Monday of every month

Alan Dickinson - Chairman of Houghton le spring 41 club


For the past twenty years a group of Round Table and Friends have been walking in the Lake District in June. This year 2013 Peter Merrie (our leader) suggested something a little different, a walk up Ben Nevis the highest mountain In GB. Eight lads took up the challenge and left Peter to plan the weekend with superb accommodation in Fort William, the timetable and the route.  We looked forward to a traditional walking weekend of fun, fellowship, beer and walking.

Alan Dickinson - Chairman of Houghton le spring 41 club

Alan is one of the most active table members. He has been Club President three times and is eager to volunteer for any activity. He is a key organiser of the Houghton Feast Ox-roast and hands out tea at the Senior Citizens Party. His is the face behind Santa's beard.

For years he has been a stalwart supporter of the local Scout group. Although well past the retiring age from the Round Table he has remained an active Honorary Tabler. He is also on the Council of Lumley Hospital Charity Trust and was made a Paul Harris Fellow in 2008.

On Friday 14th June the weekend started with a long but very pleasant drive up to the Grampians through unbelievable scenery and remote countryside and locks. Arriving mid-afternoon we decided we had time to do a small ramble of about 5 miles and were excited to stumble upon a real stag wandering nearby and then an eagle flying past. You get the idea it is a fantastic part of our country. By early evening we were all ready for a meal and pre walk pints in one of the pubs in Fort William, High Street.
The next day, after a superb breakfast, we set off to the car park at the base of Ben Nevis. The car park was very busy with buses and cars dropping walkers off, many doing the three peak challenge. The eight of us were dressed appropriately, rucksacks with packed lunches, drinks and warm clothes starting up a beautiful green hillside it was a very sunny warm day, gradually walking up the stone and boulder made footpath. The first two hours was quite steep always helped along by banter between the lads. We walked and walked up and across some beautiful hillside and eventually hit the cooler misty landscape, then at about 4000 ft we came up to the snow cap. Another half an hour through the snow and we were at the top. A total time of four hours.

On top it was very busy with about another hundred or so people celebrating the achievement of reaching the top of Ben Nevis. We ate our packed lunches, then after taking a few photos we started the long walk down, walking down through the snow. Some heavy rain started but we were eventually back to the brilliant hot sunshine. Nearly at the finish we all congratulated ourselves with a pint at the base pub, chatting about the 4 hours up, 1 hour for lunch on the top and 3 hours down.